A row in this table represents a specific date with columns to afford grouping of dates by month, quarter, half, etc.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
date_id varchar 2147483647 null
contact_consent_events.event_date_id contacts_consent_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
email_events.event_date_id emails_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
nurture_campaign_events.event_date_id nurture_campaign_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
offer_events.event_date_id offer_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_education.end_date_id opportunity_education_end_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_education.start_date_id opportunity_education_start_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_feedback_events.feedback_date_id opportunities_feedback_events_feedback_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_feedback_events.interview_date_id opportunities_feedback_events_interview_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_form_events.event_date_id opportunities_form_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
opportunity_progress_events.event_date_id opportunities_progress_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
posting_events.event_date_id posting_events_event_date_id_fkeyN
requisition_events.event_date_id requisition_events_event_date_id_fkeyN

Primary key.

sql_date date 13 null

Date in sql format like 2000-01-01.

full_description varchar 2147483647 null

Full date string like SATURDAY 1 of JANUARY, 2000

day_of_week varchar 2147483647 null

Name of the day of the week. Sunday, Monday etc…

day_number_month varchar 2147483647 null

The number of this date in its month.

day_number_year varchar 2147483647 null

The number of this date in the year out of all of the days in the year.

week_number_year varchar 2147483647 null

The number of the week out of all weeks in the year for this date.

month_number varchar 2147483647 null

Number of this month. January = 01, February = 02 etc…

month_name varchar 2147483647 null

Name of this month. January, February etc…

month_year varchar 2147483647 null

Concatenation of the year and month number. January 1990 = 199001.

quarter varchar 2147483647 null

The quarter of the year for this date. Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4

half varchar 2147483647 null

The half of the year for this date. H1 or H2

year_number varchar 2147483647 null

The number of the year for this date.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
dates_pkey Primary key Asc date_id