A row in this table represents a connection between a posting and a distribution channel.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
distribution_channel varchar 2147483647 null

The name of the distribution channel.

posting_id varchar 2147483647 null
postings.posting_id distribution_channels_posting_id_fkeyN

ID of the posting connected to this entity.

account_id varchar 2147483647 null

ID of the account the record belongs to.

distribution_channel_id varchar 2147483647 null
distribution_channel_enum.distribution_channel_id posting_distribution_channels_distribution_channel_id_fkeyN

ID of the distribution channel.

row_updated_at timestamp 29,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Date this entity was updated in the database. Useful to setup incremental refreshes of the data in your periodic ETL job.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
posting_dist_channel_posting_id_idx Performance Asc posting_id
posting_distribution_channels_account_id_index Performance Asc account_id