A row in this table represents an event pertinent to a specific requisition. The types of events tracked are in “requisition_event_enum”.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
account_id varchar 2147483647 null

ID of the account the record belongs to.

requisition_id varchar 2147483647 null
requisitions.requisition_id requisition_events_requisition_id_fkeyN

ID of the requisition associated with this entity.

requisition_event_id varchar 2147483647 null
requisition_event_enum.requisition_event_id requisition_events_requisition_event_id_fkeyN

ID of the event type represented by this entity. See connected “enum” table for a list of the possible types.

requisition_status_id varchar 2147483647 null
requisition_status_enum.requisition_status_id requisition_events_requisition_status_id_fkeyN

ID of the status of this entity.

actor_id varchar 2147483647 null
users.user_id requisition_events_actor_id_fkeyN

The user or system responsible for performing the action.

event_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date and time when the event occurred.

posting_id varchar 2147483647 null
postings.posting_id requisition_events_posting_id_fkeyN

ID of the posting connected to this entity.

creator_user_id varchar 2147483647 null
users.user_id requisition_events_creator_user_id_fkeyN

ID of the user that triggered this event.

owner_user_id varchar 2147483647 null
users.user_id requisition_events_owner_user_id_fkeyN

ID of the owner of this record.

hiring_manager_user_id varchar 2147483647 null
users.user_id requisition_events_hiring_manager_user_id_fkeyN

ID of the user assigned as the hiring manager for this entity.

event_date_id varchar 2147483647 null
dates.date_id requisition_events_event_date_id_fkeyN

ID of the date and time when the event occurred. It’s used in combination with the datetime dimension table to simplify the creation of temporal queries.

job_department_id varchar 2147483647 null
job_departments.job_department_id requisition_events_job_department_id_fkeyN

ID of the department associated with this record.

job_department_team_id varchar 2147483647 null
job_department_teams.job_department_team_id requisition_events_job_department_team_id_fkeyN

ID of the team associated with this record.

job_location_id varchar 2147483647 null
job_locations.job_location_id requisition_events_job_location_id_fkeyN

ID of a possible location value for job postings and requisitions.

previous_requisition_status_id varchar 2147483647 null
requisition_status_enum.requisition_status_id requisition_events_previous_requisition_status_id_fkeyN

ID of the previous status of this entity.

previous_requisition_status_event_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date and time the previous status change event occurred if applicable.

row_updated_at timestamp 29,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Date this entity was updated in the database. Useful to setup incremental refreshes of the data in your periodic ETL job.

is_confidential bool 1 false

TRUE if a posting assigned to the requisition is confidential.

event_key varchar 2147483647 null
previous_event_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date and time of the previous requisition-status-changed event. Otherwise, is the same as event_at.

next_event_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date and time of the next requisition-status-changed event. Otherwise, is 9999-09-09T12:00:00Z.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
requisition_events_pkey Primary key Asc event_key
requisition_events_account_id_index Performance Asc account_id
requisition_events_dates_idx Performance Asc/Asc/Asc account_id + event_at + next_event_at
requisition_events_requisition_id_idx Performance Asc requisition_id