A row in this table represents a file uploaded through a form submission.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
opportunity_form_field_file_id varchar 2147483647 null

Primary key.

account_id varchar 2147483647 null

ID of the account the record belongs to.

opportunity_id varchar 2147483647 null
opportunities.opportunity_id opportunity_form_field_files_opportunity_id_fkeyC

ID of the opportunity connected to this entity.

opportunity_form_id varchar 2147483647 null
opportunity_forms.opportunity_form_id opportunity_form_field_files_form_id_fkeyN

ID of the opportunity form record related to this file.

url varchar 2147483647 null

URL of the file in this record.

ext varchar 2147483647 null

Extension of the file represented in this entity.

name varchar 2147483647 null

The name of this form field.

size numeric 131089 null

Size of the file in bytes.

uploaded_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date this file was uploaded at

created_at timestamp 29,6 null

Date the object referred to in this entity was created.

row_updated_at timestamp 29,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Date this entity was updated in the database. Useful to setup incremental refreshes of the data in your periodic ETL job.

opportunity_form_field_id varchar 2147483647 null
opportunity_form_fields.opportunity_form_field_id opportunity_form_field_files_opportunity_form_field_id_fkeyC

ID of the field used in the opportunity form.

contact_id varchar 2147483647 null
contacts.contact_id opportunity_form_field_files_contact_id_fkeyN


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
opportunity_form_field_files_pkey Primary key Asc opportunity_form_field_file_id
opp_form_field_files_opp_form_field_id_idx Performance Asc opportunity_form_field_id
opp_form_field_files_opp_form_id_idx Performance Asc opportunity_form_id
opp_form_field_files_opp_id_idx Performance Asc opportunity_id
opportunity_form_field_files_account_id_index Performance Asc account_id
opportunity_form_field_files_contact_id_index Performance Asc contact_id